About Reservations

Tickets are sold here: BUS TICKET BOOKING

Once you place your order, you receive a confirmation e-mail from the website.
When the order is processed, you’ll receive another e-mail with the payment link of the ticket.
After payment, you will receive a third e-mail, with the bus ticket (a PDF format attachment) and the important travel informations.
You can use credit card (all types with internet shopping option are accepted), or you can use PayPal.

The card or PayPal account owner doesn’t need to be the same person who travels, you can use someone else’s card or PayPal as well.
If the second e-mail has the payment link, the bus you chose has free seats, and you have a reservation for that one.

If not, the e-mail will show you the available options for travel.

Placing a new order is not necessary in this case, you just need to reply to this e-mail with your choice.
In general, the latest time is 60 minutes before departure.
Up to that, it depends on the free seats.

Only if there are free places upon check-in, and only on the highest possible price.
Previously made reservations can’t be paid on the bus.
The payment system automatically converts currencies, without any additional fee, on the momentary change rate of our banks.
For CZK and EUR, we use the change rate of ČSOB, and OTPBank’s rates for HUF.
Yes, in our office in Budapest (Contact). Other offices and RegioJet ticket vendors don’t have access to each other’s reservations.
Reservations must be paid within a certain time. After that time, the reservation disappears from the system, and it needs to be re-reserved.
If you haven’t received the e-mail about the reservation, make sure to check your SPAM folder as well. If it’s not there either, make sure you didn’t make any typos or errors in the e-mail address. Note that in case of many reservations, a short delay may appear in the system.
Choosing the seat yourself is currently not available. If you have any wishes, please write them in the NOTES gap of the booking page. These wishes are fulfilled depending on free seats. You can request for a seat view link as well.
If both of you are reserving at the same time, we can prioritise it only if you all appear on the same order.
If you wish to sit next to someone who already has a ticket, you need a ticket number or a seat number, the name won’t suffice.

About trips and routes

 Buses and trains are provided by RegioJet a.s. Brno. A short description about our buses and the services of them are here: About RegioJet buses
All our bus stops are listed with detailed informations here: BUS STATIONS

We also link your departure place in the e-mail with the bus ticket. 
The stations listed are the only ones where the buses stop. Stopping anywhere else is prohibited by regulations.
You can check our full route map here: ROUTE MAP
You need to be there 15-20 minutes before departure.
No, the bus doesn’t wait for anyone.
A missed bus results in a lost ticket with no refund or later use options.
If you miss the bus because of a delay of another transport, complaints must be made to the operator of the delayed transport.
For children under 3 years, you need to have some kind of restraint system (child safety seat or similar system). There is claim for refund in case boarding is denied due to the lack of it. Please, keep in mind that the restraint system is not a usual and compulsory part of the bus equipment, you need to bring your own.
Some cities have multiple bus stops, which are under the same label in the booking form.
For a conditional bus stop in these cities (like Berlin, Liberec, Ostrava, and Prague for some routes), you need to ask departure from these stops specifically (in the “Notes” gap on the booking form).
The conditional departure place doesn’t affect the price of the ticket.

About transfer routes

No, on trips listed with change, changing to another bus is unavoidable.
The details will be in the e-mail that contains your ticket.
In this case, you can travel with another one, waiting longer for the transer. The price remains the same in this case.
It is possible by making two separate reservations for the two parts of the trips. In this case, the price may change.
On a minor delay, the buses will wait for each other.
If there is a larger delay (over 30 minutes), your ticket can be re-scheduled for the first available time that you can catch, or the missed part of the trip can be refunded, depending on your choice.

About luggages

The maximum is two luggages for each passenger.
No, animal transportation is prohibited on our buses.
Bicycle transport tickets can be purchased online.
The bike must be disassembled and packed so it won’t damage other luggages.
Bicycle transport ticket fares may vary on the route.

The exceptions are train routes, including transfer trips. Our trains can’t transport bikes yet.