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Modification and cancellation terms

for Czech Domestic tickets

  • can only be requested in e-mail, at
  • only possible at least 1 hours before departure
    (Note that e-mails between 00:00 and 06:00 CET are only processed from 6:00am)
  • all ticket modifications require a cancellation. Cancellation fee depends on route, always shown on the ticket
  • In case of return tickets, modifying only one trip takes only a one-way ticket's cancellation fee
  • after cancellation, a new reservation is made for the chosen bus
  • the cancellation fee must be paid online to receive the new ticket
  • the online payment must be done before the new reservation expires. This is 30 minutes, expanding this time is not possible
  • Change of passengers name and phone number is free of charge.
  • includes change of departure day and time, and number of seat

Please feel free to contact us at
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The provider of the regular coach service is STUDENT AGENCY s.r.o Brno.
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