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Prage - Praha

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1) Where can I book my tickets?

How to book online ?

Step 1.

Please log on to our online system at

Step 2.

Please fill out the form, with the date requested.

In the note/wishes please write down which departure time do you want!

Step 3.

After filling out all the data, please click on the send button.

Step 4.

Check your datas and then click on the order button.

Step 5.

After you recieving your reservation, we will confirm it, or in case there is no free seat on the bus you have choosen, we will send you the next following dates avalaible by e-mail.

* note : the system doesnt show the avalaibility of free seats

Step 6.

Wait patiently till we send you our confirmation email, with the link to your order page, where you can find two ways of payment.

Step 7.

After recieving your payment, we will send you your tickets by email.
Your reservation codes are valid to enter the bus as well.

2) Should I print out the ticket?

Its enough to write down the e-ticket number, or show it on iPhone,laptop,tablet PC, etc...

3) How do I get the tickets?

On your e-mail address given in the order

4)From where does the buses leave?

You can check all the departure places here:

5) Can I bring my cat or dog on the international bus lines?


6) How can I cancel or modify my ticket?

Every day between 9:00am and 18:00pm on e-mail address



Thank you for using our services since 2007!


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